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Immerse yourself in relaxation with the magic touch of our skilled massage therapists. Our highly trained therapists are very experienced in their respective modalities. Combined with our warm and soothing ambiance, we give you a one-of-a-kind massage experience. All massages include free usage of the facility—eucalyptus steam room, cedar wood sauna, rain forest showers, and Jacuzzi.


Swedish Massage
This therapy alleviates your sore muscles and joints. It releases tension, detoxifies skin and increases circulation.


Deep Tissue Massage
Penetrating deeper layers of muscle, this therapy reduces or eliminates chronic tension and bodily discomfort.


Aroma-Nirvana Massage
Combining aromatherapy with Swedish massage, this therapy takes you to the height of relaxation. Blended essential oils are mixed with massage oils to help you unwind and regain energy.


Hot Stone Massage
Heated stones used with a therapeutic massage promote relaxation and restore fatigued muscles.


By applying direct pressure on your feet, this therapy relieves muscle pain and tension from walking and running. It is the best way to finish your shopping day!


Sport Massage
This therapy tones muscle and alleviates soreness for sport lovers, an excellent treat after a workout session.


Couple’s Massage
Two therapists will serve you and your partner or friend simultaneously. Share the relaxing experience!

Massage therapy and spa treatments are given for the purpose of stress reduction, reduction of muscle tension and pain, and to increase circulation.  Massage and body therapists do not diagnose or cure illness, disease or any physical or mental condition, and nothing said during the course of treatment should be construed as, diagnosis or treatment. Please let us know all known conditions when check in and inform the spa therapists of any new information regarding your physical condition. You should not have massage if you have these conditions: pregnancy, cancer, fragile skin, heart problems, dermatomyositis, fever, open injury, tumor, damaged nerves, infection, acute inflammation, blood clot, bleeding disorder, taking blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin, damaged blood vessels, weakened bones from osteoporosis, a recent fracture, or cancer. There are certain side effects associated with massage therapy. These include temporary pain or discomfort, bruising, swelling and sensitivity or allergy to massage oils.

* Prices are subject to change. A massage card will be issued for the second massage. No refund, no exchange, no return, no substitution for other services. Redeemable only at the Lafayette location. The second massage must be used within one year. Lost, stolen or damaged card is not replaceable. This card is for one time use only. It must be used by the individual identified on the card. Driver license or other IDs will be required. The spa can be crowded in the weekend. Advanced appointment is recommended.


Not all services are provided by all locations. Please call the location for details.

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